BSc. Sports Therapist & Cryotherapy Specialist Dionne McGinn

Dionne holds a degree in Bsc.(Hons) Sports Therapy. Over the last 13 years, she has worked with athletes of all levels in their recovery from training and/or injury. During this time, after seeing significant positive effects on the timing and quality of recovery from incorporating Cryotherapy along with a major gap in the recovery market in the US at the time, Dionne decided she wanted to focus on making this treatment readily available with sports recovery expertise after she moved to the US.

Since founding Cryothletics Dionne has helped Athletes recover and assist Athletic Organizations, Cryotherapy manufacturers and treatment providers around the world on how to level up their product and/or service to deliver a physiologically educated, high standard experience to meet the needs of their athletes.

As a Founder and former on the ground Sports Therapy and Cryotherapy provider – Dionne has the physiological, analytical and brand knowledge it takes to succeed in providing recommendations to a performance and recovery regimen. Her approach includes analyzing the mechanics of the client’s injury/ reasons for seeking treatment, and delivering the breakdown through a combination of technology, in-person education and further recommendation.