Learn More About Boston's Leading Cryotherapy Specialist, Dionne McGinn

Cryothletics was founded by sports therapist & fitness trainer, Dionne McGinn, to help accelerate and optimise recovery from sports injuries, chronic illnesses/diseases, as well as the aches and pains endured by the human body. This is achieved by using the non-invasive and natural pain management treatment known as Cryotherapy (Cold Therapy).

Originally from Ireland, Dionne graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Sports Therapy and has more than ten years’ experience in the sports & fitness industry.  Over the last decade, Dionne has acquired a large wealth of experience and knowledge in the field of sport recovery therapies.

Dionne was one of the first practitioners in Ireland to use the extreme cooling treatment known as Cryotherapy as part of Advanced Cryo Care’s team, and provided this non-medical sport rehabilitation therapy to some of the country’s top sporting professionals and competitive athletes. Her expertise on the benefits of Cryotherapy as a sports injury and chronic condition treatment alternative means that she is now regarded as one of the key personnel to access in the fitness & rehabilitation industry both in Ireland and New England.

In 2011, Dionne moved to Massachusetts where she has continued to pursue her passion as a sports therapist & trainer.  Working with a variety of clients in Boston, she noticed a gap in the sport injury treatment options available to them, other athletes and the public. Upon further research, she realised that Cryotherapy as a non-medical sports recovery technique, pain reliever & chronic illness ameliorator, was not widely available in Massachusetts. Having witnessed the significant results this natural treatment can have on recovery, Dionne, decided to start Cryothletics.

To facilitate her client’s busy schedules, Dionne has introduced a completely Mobile Cryotherapy Service in Boston. This enables her to travel on site to clients so that cryotherapy can be performed at a time and a location suitable to them.

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