Boston Irish News recently interviewed Cryothletics Founder, Dionne Mcginn, on her journey to bring cryotherapy to injury and athletic recovery, as well as cosmetic treatments, to Boston and the greater Boston area!

Below is an excerpt from the interview on

Dionne McGinn believes her fledgling personal training business, Cryothletics, is on the cusp of something huge. The 28 year-old County Tyrone native founded the business just over a year ago. Her young company is still relatively low-profile, but her branding suggests otherwise.

Sporting a Cryothletics sweatshirt, she pointed out the window of a Boston cafe toward a flashy blue Cryothletics van parked down the street. Later, she excitedly whipped out her phone to show off a photo of her new trailer, emblazoned with the same logo, an ice blue sphere enclosing two silhouetted athletes. “I call it a rolling storefront,” said McGinn.

Cryothletics is the only mobile business in Boston specializing in cryotherapy, the process of treating injuries and pain with ultra-cold nitrogen gas. Using her van and trailer, McGinn transports an inflatable cryochamber and a smaller machine for localized treatment to her clients, where she performs on-site therapy.

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