Benefits of Cryotherapy for Sports Injuries

Whether you train as a professional, collegiate, high school or recreational athlete, injured or just recovering from those DOMS (Delayed Onset Of Muscle Soreness- That stiffness and aching feeling we get post workout), Cryotherapy can help you recover faster. Recovering faster, enables you to train harder resulting in you becoming stronger and better, pushing past your thresholds and plateaus to new limits, faster!

For all athletes, no matter what it is we do and at what level, we all want to be at our best or better than yesterday/ last week/ last month/ last year.

Cryotherapy helps to unlock the current barriers in your fitness levels and physiology and enables excelling in performance and fitness, because recovery, more specifically faster recovery, is the key.

Now for the juicy stuff.

Today cold therapy is still the most common method for treating sports injuries, from acute to chronic pain, inflammation or injury, as well as to treat post surgical pain and swelling. It is superior in aiding the body’s systems in recovery and rejuvenation regardless in which form or condition it is applied to. So the general response I get is, “well why not just ice the area” – “it’s cheaper”, “ice is readily available”, and “it does the same job- right?” – Well, Wrong! In reference to the effect regular icing or ice baths has on the body versus the “new” cryotherapy, the results are incomparable, when you consider the temperatures delivered alone to spark the physiological effects that occurs. Let me explain a little.

Cryotherapy in Brief

Cryotherapy works in a variety of ways to help speed the healing process after a sports injury:

  • Reduces blood flow to the injured area, which helps to reduce swelling;
  • Acts as a pain-killer by numbing the affected area;
  • Reduces muscle spasms;
  • Decreases tissue damage by reducing metabolism, thus lessening the tissues’ need for oxygen and limiting secondary tissue injury caused by compromised circulation.
  • Decreases tissue damage by reducing metabolism, thus lessening the tissues needs for oxygen and limiting secondary tissue injury caused by compromised circulation.

Why Ice Packs Aren’t Good Enough

While applying ice to an injury helps relieve pain and swelling, what most probably didn’t know is this chilling fact – if ice packs are left in contact with the soft tissue around the injury for too long, the temperature of that area continues to drop, depressing nerve activity too far and potentially causing serious side effects to the area.

Secondly, let’s highlight the significant temperature differences and let me stress this point prior: If you among any and many other athletes and therapists feel icing/ice baths is already sufficient and effective and have used it in some form or another for an injury or recovery, consider this: Ice is 32F (0C) fresh from the freezer, however as soon as it is removed from its environment and applied to the skin, the temperature starts to rise. While it still may be and feel cold enough on your skin – it must penetrate deep enough to affect the deeper tissue layers, which are the ones needing most recovery. However, we have to remove and reapply because of its contact with the skin – running into possible complications mentioned above. Not to mention this is time consuming. Ice baths are around 46 F (8 C) – , you have to stay in there for at least 8-10 minutes to benefit, it is extremely uncomfortable, time consuming and because water is in contact with the skin, you have to dry off and it takes some time to warm up to a comfortable level again. Whole Body (wbc) and local Cryotherapy reaches -240F (-150 C) .. using dry liquid nitrogen, it provides a consistent flow of cold air and you can only do a WBC treatment for up to 3 minutes maximum at a time, local cryotherapy, depending on the area of treatment can be done for longer, and also directly treats the area of concern at this constant temperature. As soon as you step out of WBC or local cryotherapy is taken away from the skin- there is nothing left there to dry off- the body goes straight into fight or flight mode and fights to warm up at a  more rapid rate because the extreme cold  is such a shock to the system.

So basically- do the math, the physiological benefits at -240F are multiplied and superior to 32F and 46 F – producing more physiological responses and a faster rate than from those already favored with the older cold applications.

Why Cryo Systems are superior

Considering the vast temperature differences, time consumption and uncomfortability among other factors of traditional icing and ice baths versus modern Cryotherapy gives enough reason as to why you should look for more advanced ways like this to manage your sports injury.

Today, after four decades of research done by european scientists Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) has evolved into what has become the new standard for recovery and rejuvenation. The Open Access Journal of Sports Medicine states:

“Although it was originally developed to treat chronic medical conditions, such as multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis, WBC is being increasingly employed by athletes. Its effects include a reduction in inflammation, analgesia, and enhanced recovery following exercise. WBC is typically initiated within the early stages (within 0–24 hours) after exercise and may be repeated several times in the same day or multiple times over a number of weeks. WBC modifies many important biochemical and physiological parameters in human athletes.”

Tony Robbins, Padraig Harrington, Kobe BryantLeBron James and Floyd Mayweather, among more and more athletes and teams are now using WBC.

With Cryothletics I wanted to take it a step further and bring Cryotherapy to the athlete, the team, sporting events, training practices. Make it as accessible as ice itself. I, as a Sports Therapist, have After working with many athletes at all levels over the years in England and Ireland and seeing the outstanding recovery rates due to using Cryotherapy, lit a bigger fire within me and I wanted to make it accessible here, to you. But not just an accessible service, an exceptional, highly educated and vetted service, so not only are the athletes and all clients getting access to this first mobile treatment on site, but most importantly you are also in experienced, knowledgeable and trusted hands, which to me, as I am sure to you- is extremely important when seeking best results.

Are you ready to get to your next level? It’s time to unleash your best you, with Cryothletics.

– Dee