Everyone wants to know, does this really work or is it a fad? Is it permanent? Well, let me explain and answer as many of your questions on it as I can. It is a new concept taking the health, beauty & weight loss industries by storm, and, it is completely scientifically sound in its concept and results. Knowledge on why and how cryotherapy can activate fat loss is not overly readily available, so I am going to do my best to break it down and explain it without losing you too much in the scientific language of it all.

Firstly to start, here at Cryothletics we have helped clients lose weight, inches and cellulite through our personalized protocols. Each person’s results & individual responses can & do vary for several reasons. The first being, everyone’s body is unique, the second being, it depends how much you assist the process because Cryotherapy used in conjunction with dieting, exercise and or/any adjustment to a healthier more active lifestyle improves the speed in which clients lose weight and see results. So to address the question above, yes it can be and is permanent as long as you assist and adapt to the process. We are all individually born with a certain number of fat cells, anything after that is developed as we grow, majority by bad dietary habits at one time or another. So, if the fat cell was developed, and it is reduced or eliminated “burned” with cryotherapy and/or exercise, with poor lifestyle choices of course it can redevelop and come back. The key is; the improvement to overall health here, not a quick fix to aid a bad lifestyle. You can’t expect your body to change, evolve and maintain, with a dormant, old unhealthy mentality and habit.

Now for the science, bear with me for a minute: What is important to know is, there are two types of fat our bodies produce and have:

White Adipose Tissue (WAT)

Brown Adipose Tissue (BAT)

White fat (WAD), is everyone’s arch enemy because it is what our excessive fatty areas; seen mostly around the thighs, stomachs, arms, lower backs are made up of and most of us find it extremely challenging to completely to eliminate the fat in these areas to our desired results. The cells are larger in size than brown fat cells and it is not a metabolically active fat (as is brown fat tissue). It does nothing for the body’s functions because they store energy & calories instead of utilizing. They sit lazy and stubborn.

Brown Fat (BAT), is the GOOD fat (yes there is such a thing). These fat cells are unique in terms of their genes, structure and function. They are smaller than white fat cells (so take up less surface area) and are metabolically active because they are made up of more mitochondria which is the energy producing part of our cells, than white fat cells.

Because of this, brown fat helps to burn energy and generate heat to keep our bodies warm, especially when exposed to cold. You still with me!?

Ok, so, the easiest way to understand brown fat (BAT) is: The more BAT = the more energy & fat your body will readily burn by itself. So, we want more BAT because it is consistently efficient in burning energy (calories), which over time will reduce white fat tissue and in the future we will not get excessive storage of it.

So, How does cryotherapy come into this .. By shocking the body’s systems and fat cells into work & burn mode with short term exposure to extreme cold temperatures found in cryotherapy (-240F).

Key note: Brown fat cells express a protein called UCP1 or “uncoupling protein 1”

When our bodies get shocked, it activates adrenaline, endorphins, the “fight or flight response”. Most importantly, adrenaline turns on UCP1 which makes the mitochondria burn calories. The more this is done by shocking the body, the more mitochondria is developed in the tissues over time, causing a “browning effect”, effectively burning and taking over the white fat cells (essentially converting white fat to active brown fat).

To make it all relative to you, when you see someone who is lean, low fat, sometimes good muscle content if they work hard, we say- oh they have a naturally high metabolism so they keep the weight off, and thats right, they do. Some are blessed more than other to have a “naturally higher” metabolism than others. However, from here on out, recognize it as, they have a higher brown fat content over white. Remember, brown fat cells are significantly smaller in size than white, they are consistently active and it is possible to shock, adjust and train your body and cells to function on a similar level with Cryotherapy alone, and especially combined with exercise and dietary changes. You aren’t too old, it isn’t too late, it is not “in your genetics” to stay that way. If you want to change, to evolve, then here is your chance. Our bodies are capable of so much more than our limited minds allow us to believe.

The conversion of white to brown fat is advantageous in so many ways, you lose the unwanted fat from certain areas of your body and you passively burn more fat 24/7 because you have more metabolically active brown fat (a higher metabolism).

Usually the final question is; Well, how does it burn, where does it go? – White fat tissue cannot withstand extreme cold temperatures, so when exposed they become “damaged” or “compromised” in their lazy state. So when something is compromised in the body’s systems, it is a natural response for your body to send in the “soldiers” to get rid of it and repair any damages. As you would burn calories/ energy/ fat in exercising, you do from Cryotherapy, except the amount of physical output is different. The unwanted fat cells are broken down and drained through our lymphatic systems.

Here at Cryothletics we use client specific protocols to help our clients lose weight and fat with Cryotherapy.

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– Dee