Cryotherapy Treatment: The Science

How does Cryotherapy work?
Cryotherapy spot treatment is suitable for athletes participating in competitive sports, fitness enthusiasts and for those who suffer from chronic conditions. For these people, they are often exposed to overload training, repeated high-intensity exercise sessions, or have muscular fatigue, soft tissue injury, and/or immune compromise. All of these and more have one thing in common regardless of the form in which it manifests itself: Inflammation. Inflammation is indicated by muscle soreness, swelling, prolonged loss of muscle or joint function. Nobody wants to feel this excessively and especially not for any prolonged period.


Cryotherapy Case Studies


Cryotherapy Benefits for Athletes & Sport Recovery:

  • Instant pain reduction
  • Instant swelling reduction
  • Faster recovery time after injury or workouts
  • Increase in endorphin levels and energy
  • Increase in range of movement in those with soft tissue injuries or those with chronic joint diseases
  • Symptoms of chronic joint diseases such as rheumatoid or osteoarthritis significantly reduced or even completely ameliorated