Today I want to discuss health, wealth, and their inherent cost and value. Recently, I have had many conversations pertaining to the recovery of athletes and whether investing in new age science, treatments and specialty expertise, such as vetted and qualified Cryotherapy, are worth it. The overall answer I give is: It’s a matter of perspective; perspective changes everything. So, here is mine in relation to the sports industry, but also note the same can apply to your own individual health as well. You may not be a professional athlete, but we are all competing in this thing called life, that we want to extend and thrive in as much as we can, for as long as we can, right?

Regardless of caliber, sport, age – athletes all have one thing in common. The will to win. The only way they, and collectively a team can win is if each individual athlete is at his or her physical, mental, and holistic best self. Many variables are involved, but a key area is an intense well-structured strength and conditioning program. BUT, in order for that to be effective, they need to be able to RECOVER from the program quickly and effectively, otherwise burnout occurs. Make note…burnout isn’t just physical, it’s mental too. Frustration sets in when fatigue or plateau is present in training or game results. In fact, as a Sports Therapist, I know first-hand that physical recovery is somewhat routine; but the mental recovery is the most challenging and fundamental piece of an athlete’s regimen. Modern day studies show Cryotherapy to be effective in helping both the physical and mental recovery. You want to always be ahead of that where possible.

So, when we think about cost vs value, which option provides more value to a sports organization?

#1) The stagnation, injury or decline of their athlete’s strong health and performance. Due to either: the removal of resources that had a proven, positive impact or injury as a result of outsourcing un-vetted, similar services for a cheaper cost in an effort to save a few dollars.


#2) Investing a few dollars more to have a qualified treatment protocol amalgamated to their team’s specific needs and schedules in an effort to keep their athletes fresh physically and mentally throughout season.

“Expense” is not always money related, and when it’s not, the catch-up game for the body to recover from a slight dollar amount decision can be detrimental to a season, a year or a career. PLUS, the dollar amount ends up being more in the end, regardless, due to the efforts to recover to an optimal state on top of everything else. While some things, like injuries, can’t always be avoided, lack of recovery focus and the standard thereof can be.

We have been fortunate to work with many individuals and organizations who have trusted our certified technicians, our standards, our methods and protocols. They have welcomed us, absorbed and benefited from the value we have added with our methodology. We have seen clear evidence of success when we have been incorporated into a schedule compared to when we were not.

So, based on actual experience in the field, I believe a healthy body or athlete has more worth than protecting the bottom line. Without the athlete, without your body, without your health, there is nothing. To prevent the structure from crumbling, make sure you give your body, or the athlete’s body and mind a chance to recover the right way with the right people and the right resources.